Petite Noir is to release a new 5 track EP entitled ‘The King Of Anxiety’ on 19th January 2015. The lead track Chess features lyrics directly lifted from an instant-messaging conversation that Petite Noir (Yannick Ilunga) was embroiled in on the day of recording. The conversation finalised the demise of a relationship, but replaced the originally intended lyrics and birthed this wonderful track. The accompanying video was directed by Cieron Magat and was inspired by the works of Ghanaian photographer, Philip Kwame Apagya. 

‘The King Of Anxiety’ EP will be available digitally (DS073D). Pre-order it via Dom Mart or via iTunes with an instant grat of the track, ‘Chess’.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1 – Come Inside

2 – Chess

3 – Shadows

4 – Ghosts

5 – The Fall

We are proud to announce the debut album release from All We Are, on 5th January 2015. I Wear You, will be released as a single on 3rd November 2014. The accompanying video, directed by Kate Morossbrings the album artwork to life...

All We Are are a global gathering made up of Ireland’s Richard 'O Flynn (drums, vocals), Norway’s Guro Gikling (bass, vocals) and Brazil’s Luis Santos (guitar, vocals), who met at university in Liverpool.

 Written initially in a cabin in the isolated Norwegian mountains, with follow-up sessions in a secluded cottage in North Wales, the album was finished and perfected in their studio in a disused school in Liverpool. The record was then recorded in London with producer Dan Carey (Bat For Lashes, M.I.A, Hot Chip). 

 A total democracy, the band write all music and lyrics together. Inspired by a shared love of hip-hop and soul music, Guro calls their sound “psychedelic boogie”. 

 Born of long, late nights, dreamy melodies, supple psychedelics and gorgeous midnight disco grooves – this is the sublime, swirling sound of All We Are.

 All We Are will be available on CD (DS091CD), LP (DS091LP) and Digital (DS091D). A limited edition LP featuring a bonus 7” with the tracks ‘Reach’ and ‘Just Give It To Me’ will be available through Dom Mart. Pre-order the album on physical formats through Dom Mart HERE and digitally through iTunes HERE. All pre-orders come with instant downloads of ‘I Wear You’ and ‘Feel Safe’.

All We Are
All We Are

Sweet Heart Sweet Light

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