For your viewing pleasure: Spiritualized 'Little Girl'


Little Girl is the new single from the album Sweet Heart Sweet Light which is out now for download or on 7" from August 6th backed with an exclusive instrumental version of 'I Am What I Am'. 

There are still a many chances to catch this music in the wild this year, we recommend you guide your fleshy meat carriages towards them so your beautiful, transcendent expansions of the godhead may perceive this shimmering light...

12-14 August - Wilderness Festival, Cornbury Park

6-9 September - Bestival, Isle of Wight

14 September - Festival No. 6, Port Meirion 

1 November - The Sage, Gateshead

2 November - Junction, Cambridge

3 November - Metropolitan University, Leeds

4 November - Warwick Arts Centre, Coventry

5 November - Roundhouse, London, Roundhouse

6 November - Corn Exchange, Brighton