John Cale Living With You Ft. Laurel Halo


Living With You is the third track to be aired from John Cale’s Shifty Adventures in Nookie Wood (released October 2012). Its craftsmanship and artfulness belied the unparalleled career experience of John Cale, and many heard it as rock music at its most sublime.

Living With You is built on Cale’s trademark viola drone with some of the most delicate nylon guitar picking he claims to have ever heard. He also says that here he ‘found a way to write a nice feeling and not be terribly sappy about it. I do have an occasional moment of happiness, but they never last too long!’ he laughs.

The single bundle comes with an ‘Organic Mix’ of the track, which is a more stripped down version made by Cale that revels in the stark and nakedly emotional nature of the song and a Laurel Halo Remix. This remix comes after a defining year for Laurel who was awarded Wire’s album of the year in 2012 after the release of her critically lauded debut full length ‘Quarantine’.

Out Now on iTunes and all good digital retailers.