King Creosote and Jon Hopkins | 24/04/12

Image: King Creosote & Jon Hopkins - Third Swan video

"How many swans does it change a lightbulb" is unfortunately not a question answered by Elliot Dear's fantastic pastoral-apocalyptic video for King Creosote & Jon Hopkins' new song "Third Swan". But aside from this it's a wonderful video for a beautiful, surging track that features KT Tunstall on backing vocals.

Here are some words from Kenny Creosote on the track:

The much revisited inspirational well of ructions, relationships and regrettable behaviour has very recently been replenished with a leaky bucket of political angst, due in no small part to James Robertson's fine novel "and the land lay still". "Third swan" is also a comment on how euphoria and despair sit side by side, with a few St. Andrews place names thrown in for good measure. To exist as the ugly duckling between two paragons of swan-like virtue is, no doubt, the metaphor that ties all of this together. In short, there was a lot swirling around my head in the dark weeks leading up to the end of 2011, and it had to end up on this, the penultimate page of the Diamond Mine travelogue.

And now, the video:

The song itself is taken from the new Jubilee Edition of their praise-lavished record Diamond Mine and is also available on a very special 12" EP featuring all 6 bonus tracks from the new release.